Ospedale Galmarini di Tradate - Prepariamo la valigia

Per il periodo invernale:

  • Body di lana e cotone (manica corta)
  • Calzine di lana
  • Tutina intera o spezzata

(almeno 4 cambi completi)

Per il periodo estivo:

  • Body di cotone
  • Calzine di cotone
  • Tutina intera lunga di cotone leggero, corta nel periodo caldo

(almeno 4 cambi completi)


  • Una copertina
  • Un asciugamano piccolo
  • Pasta protettiva per cambio pannolino

Si consiglia, inoltre, di portare anche i pannolini (3/5 Kg) in caso non sia sufficiente il set consegnato dall’Ospedale alla nascita del bambino (contenente pannolini, garze, ecc.).

Click here to get all the information to prepare your suitcase for the newborn and mother

For the newborn

Winter period:

  • wool and cotton body (short sleeve)
  • woolen socks
  • long and whole sleep suit (at least 4 complete changes)

Summer period:

  • cotton body
  • cotton socks
  • a long cotton sleep suit, short in the warm period (at least 4 complete changes)
  • 4 complete changes, numbered in transparent envelopes (1st day...) with baby's and mum's name (use the heavier change on the first day)


  • A blanket
  • A small towel

We advised to bring nappies (3/5kg) and wet napkins when the hospital's set is insufficient at child's birth (containing diapers, bandages, wipes).
If the mother wishes to breastfeed is recommended don't use the dummy at the first life's day.

For the mother

Night-dress (or pajamas, if you prefer). With the front buttons are more comfortable to breastfeed (but it isn't an essential requirement). Take into account that usually you will stay 3 days in the hospital and the shirt used for the delivery will be change immediately.
Bubble bath, detergent for intimate hygiene, etc. Knickers for the night (the hospital gives a pack)
In the first day would be advantageous (not essential) to have, disposable underpants.
The band postpartum is recommended only in case you have caesarean operation.

To bring in the delivery room

  • 1 newborn's change
  • blanket
  • clean night-dress and underwear to wear after childbirth
  • if you want to music cd during labor
  • wet wipes

NB: in the delivery room is always better to remove nail polish, rings, necklaces and earring